Monday, 16 May 2011

Differences Between Private Student Loans and Federal

What are Differences Between Private Student Loans and Federal?

Some general features are given here about private and federal student loans.
    Federal Student Loans is provision by the government
    Low fixed interest rates are available in Federal student loans.
    It provides flexible repayment and long period options that included income-based   repayment
    Federal student loans may include federally-subsidized interest and it is depends on the student's need
    It requires completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
    School certification is required in Federal Student Loans
    It may offer borrower some benefits like interest rate discounts
    PLUS (Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students) loans require that the borrower have no adverse credit
    Stafford loans are not credit based


           When federal student loans, grants, scholarships etc. aren't enough to fulfill your entire education, private student loans can help you. 
Have interest rates and fees that are determined by the lender and often depend on your credit rating
Private Student Loans usually have variable interest rates
It is not necessary or required to be a consigner to apply but a qualified cosigner may help to get approved for a private student loan for a student and it is also possible to get a better interest rate
It may or may not have deferment and forbearance options
It may offer borrower in benefits like interest rate discounts
It also required school certification to get a private loan.
There is also needed the completion of a self-certification form

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Online Student Loans Application

Online Apply for the Student loans
This is a modern age that is called "Global village". It is impossible to find out the correct and suite information about the student loans. Students are getting more advantages by applying the online facility of student loans. It is saving our time and efforts. We can say that to get a student load is like a hot cake that every one can eat. One is needed to provide some information to the company and you are sure to get student loan. It is the best way to meet one’s needs of school and college.
There are a number of websites which give you the facility of filling in the online form for applying for student loans. Most of them are very recognized and give you a whole guidance to take student loans and have a good deal with you.
You can search these type of websites via Google and have a look to apply for the student loans for your best college life.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Initial Requirements For The Student Loans

Initial Requirements For The Student Loans

1.  Students has enrolled in foreign institutions 
2.  Student must be over the age of 18
3.  Pakistani National

Documents Required for Educational Loan:
1.  The proof of your identification
2.  Age Proof
3.  Your Residency Proof
4.  Needs the property Registration Documents
5.  Proof of Family Income  
6.  Papers of Property Valuation
7.  Certified copies of mark sheets and certificates of Academic qualifacaton
8.  Proof of secured admission in overseas institution
9.  Fee installment schedule that an institution gives to its students
10. A valid copy of  Passport and Visa

Education Loan meets the following expenditures or tuition fees:
1.   Examination Fees
2.   Laboratory Fee
3.   Library Fees
4.   Books and study material
5.   Health Insurance premium
6.   Instruments and equipments
7.   Living expenses

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Types of Student Loans

Types of Student Loans:
There are several types of student loans.
The first and foremost duty for a student in this respect is to choose the right type of loan
for his Specific situation.
Basically, there are two types of loans.
(1)  Federal Loans
(2)  Private Loans

What are Federal Loans?
It is the loan that is provided by government for the students to help them finish a college degree. Federal Loans have a lot of benefits as compared with the private loans.The biggest advantage of Federal loans is the low interest rates. Federal Student Loans give the creditors to postpone their repayments later.
There are many types of loans offered to the students.
(1)   Federal subsidized loan
(2)   Federal Perkins
(3)   Federal Graduate PLUS Loans.
(4)   Federal Parent PLUS Loan
What are Private Loans?
It is the loan that is provided by private firms or financial companies for the students help. This type of loan has higher interest rates as compared with the Federal Loans. Different private financial companies offer this very type of loan, So it is depended on a student's research that which company impose him the suite conditions. There are some tips you must observe before obtaining the Student Private Loan. It will lead you towards a better way.
(1)    Have you studded your choices carefully before signing up with the company.
(2)    How is the company's interest rate?
(3)    Is the company with that your going to take loan, imposed any inappropriate fees?
(4)    How long will it take me to repay my loan?
(5)    How much interest will I be charged?
(6)    How is this calculated and why will the interest charged change if I change my repayments?